The following is an overview of the conference program and session descriptions for the 2022 Annual Users Conference. Please note, we have included some designations at the end of some of our session descriptions that are designed to assist you in selecting the appropriate session. The designations will help you determine if the session is specific to RamQuest One or Complete Closing users, or if it is more general in nature and suitable for any attendee.

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Monday, March 7

Conference Registration/Continental Breakfast (8:00am 9:00am)

General Session: Welcome/Keynote Address (9:00am 10:30am)
Award winning author Andy Core will deliver an empowering keynote message about thriving in today's high-demand world. Get ready...Andy's "sneak up on you funny" style will entertain as he shares practical insight about how to develop more motivation, productivity and resilience with the science of excelling under stress. (General)

Break with Exhibitors (10:30am 11:00am)

Concurrent Sessions - Group 1 (11:00am 12:15pm)

eClosing in Your RamQuest Solution 
Join us for a look at eClosing and RamQuest's solutions. We’ll see overview demos of several different digital closing solutions so you can get an idea about the ins and outs and the unique attributes of each. This session will help you understand what features are important for you and how you could integrate eClosing into your production environment. (General)

ready2close: The Secret Sauce
You don't want to miss this in-depth overview of this innovative, new tool designed to enhance and extend the capability of your RamQuest production solution. Whether you’re a CCE or RamQuest One customer, don’t miss this informative session where we’ll review ready2close admin and setup, new enhancements, new notification types, automatic document sharing with consumers, closed order access for consumers, transaction type specific milestones and more! (General)

RamQuest One: Are You Using These Cool Features
Calling all RamQuest One users! In this session we'll introduce you to some cool RamQuest One features that you might not be using. Are you adding your own tabs to title production? Are you locking files? What about hyperlinking, templates and custom data? These are just the tip of the iceberg. During this session we'll demonstrate how and when to use some of the more advanced, less frequently used features that can only be found in RamQuest One! (RQ One)

Pull Back the Curtain on Closing Market
Join us for this look behind the scenes at our Closing Market integration network. We’re going to explore common configuration tasks and ensure you know how to work through them…but we won’t stop there. We’ll also dive into automation, routing rules, status rules, order notification rules and general troubleshooting tips. (General)

Teach Me How: CCE Documents 101 
Learn the basic skills needed to create a document in CCE that fits your operation’s needs. Specific topics that will be covered include Document “Clauses”, Merge Fields, Stored Procedures, Prompts, Document Security, Document Categories and Document Packages. (CCE)

Lunch (12:15pm 1:45pm)

Concurrent Sessions - Group 2 (1:45pm  2:30pm)

Wire Fraud: How Fraudsters Kindly Steal Your Money
Join Tyler Adams from CertifID for this analysis of the frauds that rocked 2020/2021 and the trends that are likely to carry into 2022. Tyler will dig into the details of actual frauds and explore how they started in addition to discussing how to align people, process and technology to lower the risk for all parties in a transaction. (General)

Let's Talk Texas, TDI and Total Compliance 
Everything is bigger in Texas, including regulations and compliance challenges in the title industry. Join us for this interactive session where TDI Director, Financial Regulation Division, Title Examinations, Arturo Bustamante will join us to share answers and his perspective about some of the most common, and not so common, questions that his team is asked. In addition, this is your chance to ask those questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Submit questions for Arturo in advance by emailing them to emcanally@ramquest.com. Note: all questions will be asked anonymously. (General)

op2 IQ
Calling all op2 customers…join an op2 user and the RamQuest team for this insightful discussion about best practices and op2 troubleshooting. As part of this session, we'll review how the Nitro PDF platform works with your op2 solution so you can see just how easy it is to integrate this cost effective, efficient tool into your operation. (op2 Users)

RamQuest One: Advanced Documents 
Are you a RamQuest One user and already comfortable with the document engine in your solution? Then this class is for you! Learn how to step up your game using White Text Tagging, eTag Builder, Document Packages, Global Prompts and more to create advanced RamQuest One documents! (RQ One) 

Take it to the Next Level: CCE Advanced Reports
This class is designed for those who have experience creating reports. Join us for this advanced look at reporting in Complete Closing Enterprise as we discuss CC Report Writer, RQ Query, SQL Views and Stored Procedures, just to name a few(CCE) **Note: this session will not cover basic formatting or layout of reports.**

Break with Exhibitors (2:30pm 3:00pm)

General Sessions: New Release Deep Dive (3:00pm – 4:30pm)Join us for an in-depth overview as our product team walks you through all the new features in the latest version of your production solution.(CCE and RQ One) 

Opening Reception with Exhibitors (4:30pm - 5:30pm)

Tuesday, March 8

Continental Breakfast (8:30am 9:00am)

General Session (9:00am – 10:15am)

Break with Exhibitors (10:15am- 10:45am)

Concurrent Sessions - Group 3 (10:45am 11:30am)

eClosing Best Practices
Who better to share eClosing experience and insight than a panel of your peers who have put eClosing into motion in their companies? You won’t want to miss this session where our panel will share lessons learned and best practices for integrating eClosing into a title and settlement operation. (General)

New Hire Training: A Blueprint for Success
How do you get new employees started on the right foot? Join this discussion where our panel of experts, representing various sized operations, will share tips and tricks for everything from training new users to managing continuing ed, hiring and managing remote employees, and more! If you’ve got innovative ways to make new employees successful, we encourage you to bring your ideas to share as well as any questions you might have for our panel. (General)

SQL Server Best Practices and Optimization
How do you know if you're optimizing the configuration of your SQL server for optimal performance? Join us to find out just how to take a good look at your SQL server to determine if it's in good shape or if it's running slow, and for some “how tos” to help you tune up your SQL server. As part of this session, we will also cover default settings to change and common mistakes, and we'll introduce you to utilities and tools that will help identify issues and recommend changes for your SQL server. (General)

RamQuest One JAD Session
Many of the new features or improvements to existing features that you see in the newest version of RamQuest One come from ideas generated in this interactive design session. This JAD (Joint Application Design) session is your opportunity to participate in the design phase and give us insight into how to make new features and enhancements in your RamQuest One solution better for the entire user community. Don't let the idea of this session keep you from participating - come and see how we make designing software fun! (RQ One)

Lunch/Lunch and Learn Sessions (11:30am 1:00pm)

Lone Wolf
It’s Time to Bring Title Insurance into the Digital World. Who doesn’t want to save time with efficiencies and grow their business? In this session, Lone Wolf will show you how to digitally connect with the agents you already work with to increase order capture rate and gain exposure to new customers in your market.

Join Rynoh, an industry leading provider of financial management and fraud protection software that delivers complete oversight of accounts for faster error discovery and correction, for a demonstration that will include some of their new features like escheat, analytics, and more!

Join us for this Lunch and Learn session to see how integration partner ClosingLock secures and simplifies your process of sharing wire instructions and verifying mortgage loan payoffs. 

in this interactive session, join PropLogix for a demonstration of their ProperSign RON Tool. Additionally, the PropLogix team will discuss the benefits of RON, how to become a RON Notary, benefits of using the tool as a title agent and benefits of using the tool as notary.

Concurrent Sessions - Group 4 (1:00pm  2:15pm)

Closing Market: What’s New
Are you a seasoned Closing Market user but want to stay “in the know” about Closing Market?  Join us for this informative session where we will review the newest integrations on our Closing Market network including Lone Wolf, United Tax Services and SearchCONNECT and show you how they can benefit your operation. We’ll also give you a sneak peek into some integrations in progress and coming your way soon! (General)

Make Data Driven Business Decisions with Confidence
With Entrinsik Informer, it’s easy to make ad-hoc reporting from your RamQuest data a reality. Don’t spend hours wrestling with Excel or Crystal Data to provide users, processors, team leads and executives the ability to analyze and visualize department-specific data. Instead, learn how to mine, organize and distribute your data using a drag and drop interface to create interactive reports and visualizations and scheduled delivery of output with this helpful tool. We’ll show you how Informer can help you make data-driven business decisions with confidence. (General)

The Basics of CCE Dashboard
What are the benefits of using RamQuest’s Dashboard? How can you get started if you haven’t already integrated this feature in your operation? Join us for this introduction of the basic workings and benefits of Dashboard in Complete Closing and let us show you how to configure and utilize the Dashboard to maximize your operation’s success with this powerful tool. (CCE)

Automating Your RamQuest One Solution
Join us for this look at the electronic life cycle of a file and the various points throughout the life cycle of an order where functions can be automated in your RamQuest One production solution. Wondering how FileScan can mark workflow complete? Do you want to understand how to use routing rules? Are you not sure which automated notifications are in Closing Market and when you should turn them on? Come to this session and let us show you! (RQ One) 

Take it to the Next Level: CCE Advanced Docs
If you're a seasoned document creator ready to move beyond the basics, this is the class for you! Join us for a look at advanced document options such as merge loops and "If" statements. Or, if you have a specific function in a document that's giving you fits, bring your laptop and let's have a look at it together!  (CCE)

Grand Prize Drawing/Break with Exhibitors (2:15pm  2:45pm)

Concurrent Sessions Group 5 (2:45pm - 4:00pm)

Winning with Videos in Title: How to Use Video to Add to Your Bottom Line
Learn how title companies can win with videos when you join integrated partner CloseSimple for this session that explores why it’s no longer acceptable to say "no one cares if a title company makes videos.” Learn why videos for marketing and operations are what consumers/real estate agents want and 10 easy ways to integrate videos in your title business. (General)

Best Practices in IT Planning
Let’s talk system requirements and infrastructure! Do you know the vital best practices, from an IT perspective, for using RamQuest’s solutions? Do you know what hardware and software you need to have in place for your conversion to RamQuest One or in order to add other new RamQuest offerings? What is your IT/Infrastructure plan for the next 12 months, 2 years and, yes, even the next 5 years? Do you have a test environment? If not, how do you get there? Join us for this informative IT session that will help you with your long-range IT planning and ensure that you are poised and ready to take advantage of all of the new things coming your way!  (General)

CCE Dashboard: Beyond the Basics
Now that you understand the nuts and bolts and setup of your CCE Dashboard, it’s time to put this powerful tool to work for your operation. Even if you’re already using Dashboard, you won’t want to miss this deep dive into the ins and outs of automating your operation and how to harness the full potential of Dashboard for your business. (CCE) 

CCE JAD Session
Many of the new features or improvements to existing features that you see in the newest version of Complete Closing come from ideas generated in this interactive design session. This JAD (Joint Application Design) session is your opportunity to participate in the design phase and give us insight into how to make new features and enhancements in your Complete Closing solution better for the entire user community. Don't let the idea of this session keep you from participating - come and see how we make designing software fun! (CCE)

Wednesday, March 9

Closing Breakfast (9:00am – 10:30am)

General Sessions: What’s on Your Wish List? (10:30am – Noon) Do you ever wish that your RamQuest solution could do "this" or have you always wanted to have "that" included in order entry (or somewhere else)? Bring all the thoughts like this that you have running around in your head and share them with your RQUG Enhancement Committee and fellow users during this session.  (CCE and RQ One)

Conference Concludes (Noon)

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