Following is an overview of the webinar sessions for the 2021 Virtual Experience. Please note, each webinar has its own registration so you will need to register for EACH of the webinar sessions that you want to attend using the button directly under the webinar description.

While most of our webinar topics are general in nature and suitable for all RamQuest customers to attend, there are several sessions that are specific to RamQuest One or Complete Closing users. We have included designations at the end of each session description to assist you in selecting the appropriate session and determining if the session is specific to RamQuest One or Complete Closing users. All times are shown as Central Standard Time.

Please note, RQUG Virtual Experience sessions are only open to RamQuest customers. We ask that you register using your title company email address for ease of identification. Non-customer registrations will be cancelled.

Monday, March 1

Amp Up Your Customer Communication (9:30am 11:00am CST)
Consider RamQuest's PaperlessCloser and ready2close...do you know which one to use when? During this webinar we will dive into both of these powerful tools to explore the unique features of each and discuss how these two tools can work together to maximize your efficiency and customer communication. (General)

Aligning People, Process and Technology to Prevent Cyber Attacks (12:00pm
1:00pm CST)
Do you wonder how the COVID crisis is impacting cybersecurity? Are you curious why cybercrime complaints have more than doubled in recent months? Would you like to learn how to align your people, internal processes, and technologies to enhance your security and lower risk? During this webinar session, CertifID will share an update on new fraud techniques, recent fraud scams, and actionable steps to keep you and your customers safe from data breach and money transfer loss. (General)

Your Guide to RamQuest Resources (3:00pm
 4:00pm CST)
Have you ever wondered what resources RamQuest has available for users? Do you ever wonder who to call for what? Join us for this overview webinar where the RamQuest team will walk you through everything RamQuest. This will include an overview of "who to call when" and a look at the multitude of tools that we've put in place to help you be successfully. (General)

Tuesday, March 2

Get Ready for RON/RIN Closings with Pavaso (9:30am 11:00am CST)
When it comes to eClosing, Pavaso is leading the way but how do you get started? What do you need to do behind the scenes to get everything prepped to use the Pavaso technology for a RON or RIN closing? Your webinar hosts will take you step by step through the process and share everything you need to know to prepare for your eClosing using Pavaso and your RamQuest production solution, including how to integrate white text tagging to save valuable time and streamline your processes like never before. (General)

The Real (Estate) Customer Experience (12:00pm
1:00pm CST)
A consumer's first experience during the real estate transaction is with the Realtor - so a Realtor really sets the bar for what type of experience they should expect from the time a home is listed through the day it is closed. In this session we will be looking at the customer experience that Realtors are providing for consumers - and what that means as consumers come to the closing table. We will be showing interviews that Bill Svoboda (CloseSimple) has had with high-performing Realtors where they will discuss what they are currently doing and what trends they see in the market, then dissecting what that could mean for title companies that want to elevate the closing experience. (General)

RamQuest: Beyond the Basics (3:00pm
 4:00pm CST)
How do you make your RamQuest solution even more efficient? With tools like Positive Pay, Ebank Reconciliation, Report Scheduler, Order Validation, Barcoding and Email Automation. Join us for this webinar where you will be able to see tools in action for yourself and we will show how easy it is to take your operation's efficiency to the next level with them. (General)

Wednesday, March 3

Connection and Automation (9:30am 11:00am CST)
Gone are the days of a one-off “electronic this” or “digital that” tied together by manual processes. Instead, it’s an all-out sprint toward automation. Join us for this look at the connections inside your RamQuest solution that will enable you to electronically process a file. But we won't stop there...we'll take it to the next level and show you how to automate the process for even more efficiency. We'll explore topics like receiving orders electronically, automating events based on actions and outcomes, electronic audit preparation and more! (General)

How to Modernize and Grow Your Business with Digital Title Orders (12:00pm
1:00pm CST)
As leaders in the Real Estate Technology space, Lone Wolf and RamQuest have been working together for over a year to disrupt the way in which title orders are done today by connecting the real estate agent and title sides to create a completely digital and secure experience. This session will talk about how you can get digitally connected with the agents you already work with to increase order capture rate, gain exposure to new customers in your market, and gain all the efficiencies and value out of this revolutionary integration - a first of its kind. (General)

Get to Know Closing Market (3:00pm
 4:00pm CST)
RamQuest puts the power of connection at your fingertips with our Closing Market integration network. Join your webinar hosts for an exploration of Closing Market that will include a closer look at the newest, most popular and most innovative integrations. (General)

Thursday, March 4

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know (and Then Some) About Dashboard (9:30am 11:00am CST)
What are the benefits of utilizing RamQuest’s Dashboard? How can you get started if you haven’t already integrated this feature in your operation? Whether you’re curious about the basic workings and benefits of Dashboard in Complete Closing, or have user adoption struggles or questions, you'll want to join us for this webinar where we’ll demonstrate how to configure and use Dashboard as well as how to analyze the outcomes and metrics to maximize your operation’s success with this powerful tool. (CCE)

What You Need to Know About eClosing Solutions and Remote Online Notarization (12:00pm
1:00pm CST)
Join PropLogix for this overview of the basics of Remote Online Notarization. During this presentation we will explore the differences between RON and other hybrid e-closing solutions and look at the practical aspects of integrating RON and other digital closing methods in your operation. (General)

Friday, March 5

Complete Closing: A Year in Review (9:30am 11:00am CST)
During this webinar, we'll take a deep dive into the latest and greatest RamQuest CCE Release, 9.3. Not only will we review all of the new 9.3 capability, we'll also take a look back at some really cool features added to CCE in the last year that, if you're not already, you'll want to start using to your advantage! (CCE)

RamQuest One Features You Should Be Using (But Might Not Know About) (12:00pm
1:00pm CST)
If you use RamQuest One, then this webinar is for you! Join us for deep dive into all of the RamQuest One features that will improve your efficiency. We'll explore the newest features and take a look at some RamQuest One hidden gems like Rate Engine and Process Templates. We can't wait to show you just how easy it is to put these powerful RamQuest One tools to work for your operation. (RamQuest One)


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