Enhancements Committee

For the users, by the users...

The RQUG Enhancement Committee is a diverse group of RamQuest users committed to having a voice in the enhancement of the RamQuest solutions. In a collaborate effort, committee members share their experience and innovation to improve the overall functionality of the software, from the user perspective.

Chaired by Rose Moshier, the Enhancements Committee creates a voice for the users by providing input to the RamQuest Development Team. Members of this committee and its sub-committees are given the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate and prioritize enhancements suggested by the user community.
  • Participate in JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions, Release Information, Enhancements Requests Demonstrations.
  • Participate in sessions relating to the design of future enhancements at the Annual User Group Conference.

For the users, by the users has been proven through participation and excitement within this committee.

We welcome all questions, enhancement requests and any other ideas or suggestions.

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